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Why use Hermeta new product range “EDP”(Easy Dispersion Pigments)?

Hermeta EDP product is a combination of single pigment and resin.

It contains the feature of good dispersibility and could provide a “Dust-Free Environment” during the process.

Regarding the customer’s requirement for better dispersibility,

this product will be the best solution not only for dispersion but also for better working environment friendly.



We can take the EDP product as a semi-final product of masterbatch.

Using different EDPs to adjust the color shade then produce masterbatch simply by using the mixer and single screw extruder.

It can be used in a wide range of resin like PVC, PE, and PP just like the pigment powder.

Moreover, by using EDP product, we can approach the customer who pays a lot attention to dispersibility.

We can expand our product line to high-end fiber application as well.


The reasons of using Hermeta EDP from the aspects of techniques:

• Produce product without using dedicated dispersing equipment such as two-rollers, three-rollers, or other equipment.

• Common equipment like high-speed/shear mixers is the preferred equipment needed.

• Provide a wider range of color tone which is also easy to adjust.

• Produce well dispersed masterbatches that are equal in performance to those made with traditional dispersing equipment.

• Provide tight control over lot-to-lot consistency.

Overall features of using Hermeta EDP:

• Reduced labor to run the mill.

• Less equipment to maintain.

• Reduced energy usage.

• No mill clean-up materials for greater sustainability.

• No loss of materials in the mill (e.g., in chambers, hoses, and pumps).

• Greater scheduling flexibility.

Post time: Feb-17-2023