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Molybdate Red Pigments

  • Hermcol® Molybdate Red (Pigment Red 104)

    Hermcol® Molybdate Red (Pigment Red 104)

    Hermcol® Molybdate Red is also known as Chrome Vermilion and Molybdate Red. Our PR104 Molybdate Orange pigments offer bright red shades (orange, scarlet and red) that are opaque to visible light. Properties include ease of dispersion with excellent dimensional stability. This product is ideal for use in industrial paints. It is a kind of opaque pigment with high solvent fastness, moderate heat fastness, and good economy, molybdate orange finds its major outlet in the coatings industry, particularly industrial finishes. molybdate orange has been replaced in most paint and coating applications by more expensive, but less toxic, organic pigments such as benzimidazolone orange in architectural, industrial maintenance, and almost all original equipment manufacturer paints.