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Nantong Hermeta Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Company Information

Hermeta, as a member of Adagio, is one of the largest independent producer of Azo&HPP Pigments, Dyestuffs, intermediates, additives and Artist colors in China, we are renowned for our consistently high product quality, stringent quality control and excellent knowledge of organic synthesis, We have substantial expertise in color chemistry across all segments like Coatings, Inks and Plastics. The operations of all our manufacturing sites are in compliance with international standards for safety, quality and environment, we conduct quality test for every production batch before shipment delivery. Hermeta has made the REACH Registration for most of the products sold to Europe.

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Hermeta is committed to supplying cost-effective and reliable colorants and other chemicals to the customers worldwide. We have made a huge investment in establishing R&D application lab and have established a long-term cooperation relationship with many universities and scientific research institutions, aiming at developing more new products and creating new values for our customers.

Innovation Technology is the fundamental of continuous development of Hermeta. Over the years, Hermeta has kept in developing future top technique of powder pigments and additives, on one hand we thorough exchange with some of the famous corporations in the world, established the long-term cooperative relationship, track for newest technigues from foreign, introduce the latest international patent; on the other hand, we established cooperative relationship closely with national notability university and various professional research institutions. In the past few years, we create our newest environment friendly hybrid pigment series to replace Chrome yellow and Molybdate orange, make up part of market blank, also the key factors of Hermeta continuously sitting in the leadership position in the industry.

Hermeta has set up subsidiaries in Vietnam and India, as well as representative office in Brazil. Our sales range has expanded to more than 50 countries and districts. The global network for sales and services enables us to meet demands of our customers rapidly, and to provide higher quality services for our customers.

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Vision & Mission & Strategy


Like the word "Hermeta", it represents "Everyone gets together to do a beautiful and special thing". Together with our local business partners, Hermeta Chem wants to be recognized as the preferred organic pigment supplier for our customers. Our color solutions exceed market standards. Hermeta Chem goes the extra mile.


We are committed to an excellent service level and are dedicated to living up to customer needs and requirements. We have outstanding expertise in the application of our products and are recognized for our consistent high quality.We value integrity, mutual respect, personal excellence and high quality standards.  Our application expertise, cutting-edge R&D facilities and full process quality control enable us to develop customised high-performance organic pigments.

Hermeta Chem Strategy

Our strategy is to build on our position as one of the leading Asian organic pigment manufacturer on the global market. We will achieve this by focusing on a wide product portfolio with many nice products, full REACH registration, excellent product quality and local customer supports.