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Gouache paint

  • Gouache paint set

    Gouache paint set

    Features Formaldehyde-free, natural peach gum, dry and flat picture. High purity of colour powder with little difference between wet and dry colours. Rich colour and even paste. Details Name Item No Specification 12 Tube colors/5 ml GC05-12 96 boxes/ctn 24 Tube colors/5 ml GC05-24 72 boxes/ctn 12 Tube colors/12 ml GC12-12 48 boxes/ctn 24 Tube colors/12 ml GC12-24 24 boxes/ctn
  • GC series

    GC series

    Features It is used for painting and drawing, suitable for students and calligraphy and painting enthusiasts to practice, mostly using foreign imported pigment production technology to improve its water solubility to increase the brightness of the colour over time, the colour does not easily change colour and oxidation, the pigment paste is moderately thick and thin, does not show gel light, strong covering power, good leveling, easy to use! Details Name Iterm no Specification GC ...
  • EK series

    EK series

    Features The main raw materials are natural vegetable gum and starch-based, which are smooth to the touch when used, with bright and full colours, little change in wet and dry, flat and non-curling images, and free of formaldehyde. Details Name Iterm No. Specification Jelly Cup paint set 80ml/42 colours/set 3 set/ ctn Single Jelly Cup 80ml/cup 90 cups/ctn Refill Bag 100ml/bag 80 bags/ctn