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Hermcol®G-565 Defoamer

Hermcol® Defoamer prevent water-based coatings and inks from being used in production and construction foam is generated during the process, which can break the existing foam and prevent bubbles from remaining. Hermcol of antifoam included mineral oils and polyether, polyether siloxane, fatty alcohol, and dry powders, respectively used in different area.

Product Detail

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Physicochemical indexes

Product appearance: Milky liquid
Main ingredient: Polyether siloxane polymer
Active content: 100%
Specific gravity: 0.98- 1.08g/mL(20℃)
Water solubility: Disperse in water

Performance feature

◆A variety of defoaming mechanism, with very good compatibility and foam control;

◆Enhance leveling, wettability, wear resistance and slippability;

◆Compatible with acrylic, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and polyethylene systems;

Applied range

Water-based ink, embossing ink, mesh ink.

Usage and dosage

Ink: 0.05-0. 1%; Intaglio printing: 0. 1-0.5%.

Packing, storage and transportation

30KG/200KG plastic drum packing. The product has a shelf life of 6 months (from the date of

production) when it is stored in an unopened original container at a temperature between +5℃ and +40℃.

The introduction of the product is based on our experiments and techniques , and is for reference only , and may vary for different users.

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