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Antirust &Anticorrosion Pigments

  • Compound Ferro Titanium Pigment

    Compound Ferro Titanium Pigment

    NOELSON Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, new generation of environment friendly anti-rust pigment, introduce from foreign technology development and production in inland China by Noelson Chemicals, the fundamental principles is according to the newest research report (ⅡZBO) of ILSG, the theory is “how much content of zinc powder has no complete relationship with anticorrosion performance of paint film, it depends on other conditions, it is according to the reality of the effect of anticorrosion”.

  • Conductive pigment

    Conductive pigment

    NOELSON brand Conductive Mica Powder, is one of the earliest domestic research and development production of conductive powder series, products with advanced technology, good quality, complete model. Of all, B Model is a special type, adopting import original materials to process and produce, which is in the shape of super fine.

  • Glass Flake

    Glass Flake

    Glass Flake used alkali glass (C glass) or boron silicatle glass (E glass) as raw material, adopt meling into and blowing with high temperature.The slice thickness of Glass flake about 5μm, diameter in between 10-400um diameter alled minuteness slice diameter product, between 400- 1000m alled medium slice diameter product, bigger than 1000um called big slice diameter product.

  • Micaceous Iron Oxide

    Micaceous Iron Oxide

    Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) is processed and production by high quality natural iron glance, non-toxic, tasteless, both excellent anticorrosive property, also with good conductivity and thermal conductivity, anticorrosion, wear-resisting, thermo-stabilit, strong adhesion, cost effective; given its unique flake structure and higher cost performance, MIO currently is the most outstanding antirust pigment and anticorrosive medium in industrial anticorrosion coating.